Freaky Friday

Today was a wonderful Friday!! Did I tell you I love school? Well, since the beginning of school we have been short on scissors and of course the kids hate sharing! I placed a message in my newsletter asking for more and look what I received today...

Love them...It turns and the scissor cups come out!! Thank you so much!!

As they day went on I received this...

I have the best class with the best parents. A few moms got together to make this and bring it in for our kids and oh did they love it! I think it is mini moon pies with m&m's, sprinkles, milk chocolate, and candy corn. Yum...

Later that night was the school's annual Freaky Friday Event. It is a huge Halloween festival and it was so much fun! I loved seeing my kids dressed up!! They told me I needed to come as a  ketchup packet- don't think so! Here is myself and one of my children from school. Too cute! I am so glad his mom got this picture.

How could I have forgotten my camera?? Crazy-I know...
I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Halloween!


  1. The mini moon pie treat is soo cute! Hope you have a fun Halloween :)

  2. Love the pictures girl! Hope y'all have a fun and safe Halloween! = )

  3. aw, what a cute picture!!!
    the scissors holder is so cute and fun!
    you have such a wonderful and rewarding career :)

  4. What sweet students you have! And those scissors look amazing! I want them just for my crafts at home! Have a Happy Halloween XOXO

  5. I know that cute little boy! I grew up with his daddy!

  6. Sooo cute! Did you eat one? They look yummy and very fun to make....I really cant wait till I have kids so that I can make all this stuff with them =)