Help is Needed!

I have a secret- I am not perfect like y'all think I am! Ha!-SO kidding! I have the worst habit of all times-nail biting. Not just pick your nails every once in awhile but full blown biting. I have bitten my nails since I was little. I stopped once for the wedding and after the honeymoon-you guessed it-gone! They are sore, sensitive, bleed, and are like little boy nubs! So here is where you come in! I need help to stop...any suggestions...

Do not suggest the following because I have tried it:
1. Bad tasting polish on nails
2. Chew gum
3. Wear a rubber band around your wrist and pop it every time you bite.
4. Get a fake nails
5. Reward yourself with a manicure
6. Reminding myself of the germs

I would be open to anything else! I am dying to wear cute dark polish in the fall but you can't paint nubs!
Sad day...


  1. I bite my nails too !! I can't seem to get it under control completely I will stop for 2 months and then start again! Please share any good advice you receive!!

  2. At the camp I work at in the summers, Tweety, the Camp Director always gives the girls on the first night this big speech about sitting up straight and taking good care of ourselves. She always says to put red nail polish on our fingers because red means stop. Never works for me, though! I still always end up biting them! If you figure out the magic cure for this let me know, please!

  3. You are so not alone! I struggle with this too!

    The only thing I have found to help is to paint my nails a pretty shade - regardless of how short they are. Every time I look at them I picture what they would look like longer & it seems to help. I find that the more I take care of them, the more I leave them alone!

  4. I also bite my nails and want to quit as well. I still paint them even though they are short and usually don't bite them if they are painted because getting the nail polish in my mouth is always gross. Sometimes it happens but I don't have any solid advice, sorry :(

  5. I don't have any helpful ideas, but I have prayers. :) You're so beautiful anyway. :)

    By the way, I love Dansko clogs (from your blog awhile back) and I absolutely want so badly the brown and white cow ones. :)

  6. Oh if you do figure this one out be sure to post about it. My 10 year old is trying so so hard to stop....nothing works!