I am Hip With Technology!

MP3 Player? NO
Game boy Advanced? YES

I have always and will always love the Nintendo game Mario. That is the only game I know how to play and that I enjoy. I have been trying to find an old school Nintendo but with them being so old, it's a classic and hard to come by. Well the husband and I stopped by Game Stop and I saw this game...

I knew I could play that! I need something to keep me busy! Oh, I was so excited! So I had to have it, well, then I needed this. How wonderful that it came in my favorite color!
How funny to think back to 1997 when these bad boys came out. I am going to bring the Game boy Advanced back! I know so many readers know what this is. Either you had one or your kids had one...Well...now the wife has one! If I become MIA you know where I'll be...


  1. How fun! Last year MDH and I bought each other Nintendo DS's for Christmas, it's a lot of fun!


  2. I just got a nintendo ds for my birthday last saturday!!!!! I love it. I only have two games right now. "The Price is Right" and a family game night one that has "Operation" "Connect 4" "Battleship" and "Bop It" Mario is next on my list.

    Also my husband and I just got an old school nintendo last month from a client he is working for that didn't want it anymore. We have been playing it like crazy. We already have 15 games for it....and my cousin is getting me the gun for duck hunting soon!

  3. haha!! i love that you have a DS!! i should get one! i use to love playing tetris on my game boy for hours on end ;)

    p.s. i've sent you 2 emails hun, hopefully you've gotten them! when you posted the comments on my wall i just responded to those so whatever email you have set up to blogger that's where the emails went ;) hopefully that's okay! :)

  4. Thats funny!! I used to LOVE tetris....I played it so much I could see it in my dreams...no joke! ok...thats a wee-bit embarassing!!