The Unangst Baby Shower...

The Supper Club and a few people from school came to celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Sophie and Anthony's 30th Birthday! We had such a good time and they appreciated it all! We ended the night with some Rock Band, my fav!

My wonderful wrapping! Of course I had to throw in an ornament for Sophie!

The husband and I...

T-300 days until these two are married!


Too bad we didn't crack the red velvet cake...Sad day!

All the goodies...

The happy couple...

An early Christmas...

My favorite gift they received! I need one for my room!

My second favorite gift! (No, neither are mine!)

Happy Bday soon to be daddy!

It was love at first site!

Treece jammin' on the mic! Ha!

We had good times with great friends and met some new ones as well! Thanks to all the couples that showed! I am sorry I didn't get more pictures of the other couples! You can tell I only took pics for the blog! My bad!


  1. You guys always look like you are having the time of your lives in your pictures! Soo fun & cute!

    I love the little monogram night light too!

  2. Baby showers are so fun, and it does look like ya'll had such a fun time!

  3. Aww it looks like you guys had so much fun!


  4. You are too freaking cute!!! Adorable pics! Looks like you had a good time, girlie!

  5. awww, great pictures!!! looks like a great party!!

  6. I just love your wrapping paper! Looks like a great time :)