The Wife's 5 Most Fascinating People of 2009

1. The Real Housewives of New Jersey

2. Yes, Kate Gosselin...I agree with you Barbara.

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4. The Cobia Family

5. My Brother

These are my favorite people of 2009!


  1. Great list, love your wedding pic, it's so cute! Have a great Friday :)

  2. Cute idea! I'm stealing it :)

  3. This is awesome and such a great idea...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PICKING ME!!! You rock. I am preparing for our interview and my photo shoot. :) I'll interview the Cobia Family for our tv special too. Your brother makes a great pic...I would have chosen the housewives too.

  4. i love the Housewives!! haha!

    this is a cool post!!

  5. this list is excellent. i agree with kate (how can you not be fascinated by everything that happened to her this year?!) and i LOVE your "thank you picture" that is so cute!!
    xo meg

  6. I'm on board with #3!