Dear Gold's Gym...

Dear Gold's Gym,
    You are really making my life tough right now. I never should have opened a membership because now I can't close it. I was really using you and now I can stand you. The husband keeps pressuring me to go see you because we are wasting our money. Why would I ever have thought that I would want you for a year? I am officially breaking up with you. But, please don't tell the husband- it won't be pretty.
                                      Your frienemy,
                                            Unenthusiastic Gym Goer (Or lack there of)


  1. haha...funny...a year is a LONG time to commit to working out!!

  2. I totally hear ya! I joined the YMCA and then after a month got bored. Ha! :) Luckily, I got out of mine though. You have to be bale to think of something to get you out of it.

  3. I haven't been back to the Y since a week before we got married! T keeps paying - he says he is SURE I will go back this week, haha.