Dear Hair...

Dear Hair,
   I am so sorry I cut half of you off awhile back. I promise, or will try to, not do it again. Oh how I miss this...
I am trying to grow it long enough for a ponytail because I am dying with out one.
I am even taking these...
and you still seem to be stuck!! So, please grow faster! I beg of you!
A friend in need


  1. Long ponytails are fun, mine isn't quite that long yet.

  2. I wish I could have long hair! Mine looks awful when it's long!

  3. Oh sweet girl I have been such a bad bloggy friend! I just had to go back through and get all caught up on your posts! CONGRATULATIONS. Such exciting news:)
    I hope you get through that morning sickness stuff soon. I found eating a few crackers in the am before I even got out of bed made a HUGE difference for me. Oh I am so excited for you!
    Oh and on the hair front. I did the same thing. Regreted it immediately. I am a girl who needs a pony tail.

  4. I'm sorry! I hope your hair grows back faster!! Mine bugs me some days but then I don't want to cut if off because I want (need) the ponytail!!

  5. I hope it starts going really really fast! I don't know if I have officially congratulated you on your bundle of joy, so I will offer a sincere CONGRATULATIONS to you!