So with fall fastly approaching I am really in need of a new pair of black flats. Mine finally bit the dust after the soles came unglued. I really want these...
Well, I am not paying $150.00 for them. So I went looking for some "knock offs" and came across these...
Supposedly they are "knock offs" and they only cost $60... much better.
Well, I think it is too good to be true. A little sketchy if you ask me. The website is called IOfferShoes and I was doing some research on their return policy and what not... So why is it sketch...
1. You can only pay through Western Union, a money gram, or a wire transfer
2. They do not accept pay pal because their account is frozen
3. *Just found where you can pay with a card
4. There address is Nan Street 3,Fei E Xi Road,BaiYun District,GuangZhou City,China
5. There are a lot of typos on the webpage

So what do you think? Anyone heard of this? Do you think it is a scam?

Wound up getting these from The Shoe Department on sale for $9.11


  1. Sounds very sketchy! Check ebay for the TB!

  2. That sounds like a scam to me!

  3. I wouldn't do it. Revas are expensive but I think they are completely worth it.. I wear mine ALL the time!

  4. TB's are worth the price tag if you can muster it. They're all I wear now in terms of flats. I agree with the ladies above....ebay sounds great, that other place sounds like a scam.


  5. Keep checking eBay I bought REAL Revas for $19.99

  6. I wouldn't even VISIT that website again for fear of a virus!

  7. I would definitely say scam...bigtime!

  8. Have you ever looked at the site called ?? It has designer shoes for up to 70% off I believe. I find ALL kinds of items on there!

    Also, I just bought some black ballet flats off of a site for 4.98!!!

  9. Yep. Sketch! I think you were smart to go with the $9 shoes!