A True Inspiration...

Recently the husband and I were trying to give this away...
to a good home...TV included. We are moving the computer desk in it's place to make room for Baby Cobia. Through this friend, Sarah, she put us in contact with this sweet couple who are having a yard sale to raise money to adopt. It seemed only appropriate to give it to them to sell. Yesterday, Brantley and her father came to pick things up. I ended up giving them this as well...
(The sewing table and both shelves.) 
I haven't been sewing because it just wasn't as fun when I had to make things for orders. The money was good but it became a job and not a hobby. Anywho... in this small house with Baby Cobia coming, we need more room. 
I would love for you to check out Brantley and Richard's blog.
Not only are they having a yard sale to raise money, they are accepting donations, and are selling these cute shirts...
I feel so inspired after meeting Brantley and am glad the the husband and I could do something to help. I look forward to keeping them in my prayers and following them through their journey of adoption.


  1. is there a link of where to buy the shirts? they are precious. I know a couple on the waiting list for adoption and would like to purchase a few of the shirts. Such a great cause.

  2. That's wonderful you and your hubby are able to help them!

  3. I think it's fantastic that you're helping out friends who are planning to adopt. I think it's awesome that they're adopting, and I hope they have their little loved one soon! Also, I love your little sewing desk---it's cute! Too bad it had to go, but it's all for a wonderful cause. ;)

  4. Just stopping by from According to Christa. Love your blog. It's too cute and Congratulations on the lil one.

    What a wonderful feeling to help another family in need. It's a great cause.