Check it first...

Dear neighbor up the street,
      Your house is for sale, so of course I wanted to see how much you were selling it for. We parked our car and grabbed a flyer out of this...
Instead of your listing, I found this...
YOUR MEDICAL REPORT! I don't know if it is yours or what by whoever it is will be very upset to know you put the wrong info in the info tube. Of course I read it and it talked about the withdrawals from cocaine you must be having and your entire medical history. 
I couldn't go back to give it to them, so I just threw it away! Next time you make copies, check them before they go in your info tube!

P.S. We went for a second and it was a correct flyer!


  1. Wow..... that's a little crazy! Maybe you should put an annon. letter in their mailbox letting them know.

    Hopefully all of them weren't the medical report.

  2. Oh my gosh. Talk about awkward!!!

  3. OMG that's bad karma right there!!!!!

  4. OMG! That's crazy. Cocaine withdrawals, Yikes!!!

  5. wow that is crazy... stay away from those neighbors!!