28 Weeks!

How far along? 28 Weeks

Baby's size? Our baby is the size of a chinese cabbage- (what the heck is that?).

Weight Gain? 17 pounds!

Maternity clothes? All maternity.  

Stretch marks? The two on my thigh are back. Nothing on my stomach!

Sleep? Back to my old self. Loving it!

Foods I am loving? Sweet Tea and lemonade

Foods I am hating? Nothing.

Best moment this week? Being in the third trimester.

Movement? Yes...Grayson moves constantly!

Symptoms? Leg cramps at night, ribs are sore, and a sore back.

Gender? It's a girl! Grayson Frances!

What I'm looking forward to? Meeting her! 

Weekly Wisdom: I am coming up with a blank.

Milestones: Drinking that "juice" for my glucose test! (which I did not pass)


  1. Yay! Third trimester!
    Not much longer now:)

  2. wow - only 10 pounds for your 28 weeks - you're doing awesome! not much longer!

  3. I love her name- it is so original! You look great!

  4. I can't believe you are already in the third trimester! Wow, it seems like just yesterday you announced you were pregnant! Time really flies when you have a baby!

  5. Oh No! You didn't pass your glucose test?! Now what happens? {I know nothing about this}

  6. YOu didnt pass? Now what? I had my test on Monday, and I havent heard if I passed, but I was wondering what happens if I didnt. you look like ALL belly! :) Cute belly.