Grayson's Diaper Bag...

I finally decided on a diaper bag for G. Everything I looked at was so big and trendy and just not us. I love Land's End Tote bags. They are perfect for everything. I have an extra large one for going to the lake and I love it! Noe the problem is... Do I order the medium or the large one? The dimensions are:
Medium: 17"Wx6"Dx13 1/2"H; bottom 12"W; handle drop 9" 

                                Large: 22 1/2"Wx9 1/2"Dx17"H; bottom 14 1/2" W; handle drop 9" 

For those who already have diaper you have a suggestion??
I also want one of these...
Girl Personalized Name / Monogram Bag Tag - Luggage, Backpack, Book Bag, Diaper Bag, etc - Design your own
Boy Personalized Name / Monogram Bag Tag - Luggage, Backpack, Book Bag, Diaper Bag, etc - Design your own
A personalized tag in case we lose her bag. These are from Oh Suzy-Q Designs.


  1. All my diaper bags are too small.. I don't know the
    Measurements but I always carry so much and it feels
    soo Cramped if you are like me and going to pack a lot of
    Outfits , diapers . Wipes all the essentials which I'm
    Pretty sure you will get the biggest one!!

  2. I have a Land's End bag for the beach, too. However, I don't feel that it would work the best for a diaper bag. Pockets are a must in a diaper bag. I got mine from this Etsy seller..

    It has three pockets on the inside and all of them are filled with Aquaphor, wipes, hand sanitizer, Wet Ones, Tide to Go stick, Tylenol, Mylicon, etc.

    I actually have three bags from this seller and all hold up so well! Just thought I would share an alternative to you. I love those bag tags.. so cute!

  3. My friend gave me this exact bag from Land's End! It's not my main diaper bag but I love it and have already packed Sloane's hospital things in it :) I think she got the medium and it's a great size and great pockets. Love the luggage tags, too! My friend gave me one of those and it's perf on our diaper bag :) YAYYYY!!! -Rikki

  4. I have this bag, but not as a diaper bag! I can put my laptop in it and two notebooks when I go to class, I can put an outfit or two in it and a pair of shoes for the weekend! Knowing what all I can shove in it I think medium is defintely the size for you large would be too big!

  5. Oh and the pockets inside are really functional! One huge and three good sized ones on the other side!

  6. TOATLLY want one of those tags!

  7. I love that bag! I might need to order one for my little man! My mom just gave us a vineyard vines tote that is about the same size as that and looks similar but it has whales around the border. We love it, I use it all the time. And from a mommy perspective I have more than one diaper bag, its nice to switch out sometimes!