Cute Outfit Photo Shoot...

I thought Grayson looked too darn cute not to take pictures of her the other day...

(Please excuse the breakouts Momma caused on her face... the child was peeling and I put a little bit of J&J baby lotion... who would have know that would break my poor child out?)


  1. I put some J&J lotion on Jackson's face the other day and have been worried he'd break out too! You'd think they wouldn't with baby lotion. Oh well, live and learn. Love this outfit!

  2. she's so cute and itty bitty!! try burt's bees baby ~ it's natural so it's super gentle on their skin! works great on my daughter's dry skin!

  3. LOVE that outfit. Do you rememeber where you got that bow?! I am trying to find some for Liv with that thick soft band!!