Margarita, Mexican, & New Friends...

Last night we had a babysitter (thanks to my mom and sister) come over and we went out to dinner with a guy Drake works with and his wife. It's so nice to get out every once in awhile and meet new people. I am so glad we all got along because I hope to hang out with them more often.
Aren't they so cute...
I wanted to take pictures of the night but the husband thought they might think I was crazy but low and behold, Kelly wanted to do the same...So this pic is off her blog. Great minds think a like!
It was a great time and I hope we see more of each other. Go check out her blog here.

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  1. Next time we will take pictures regardless of what our husbands say! ha!

    By the way...since you posted this I already have a new follower! Yay!