Silhouette Time...

My mom took Grayson to get her Silhouette done by Clay Rice. My brother and I had ours done by his father when we were younger. I love that Grayson now has her own. I put a bow on her when she went but told my mom she could take it off. Clay Rice told my mom to leave it on because it looked cute. I am SO glad he had us leave it on because it is SO Grayson! If you know Grayson, she always has her bow on... makes sense. This picture is precious! I ABSOLUTELY love it!!

For those who don't know, Clay Rice cuts these pictures by hand as he watches Grayson. My mom said it took about 10 minutes and we got 3 copies! Here is his website.

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  1. I LOVE this!! I may have to go get Jackson's done!