My Day at Target...

I got some giftcards for my birthday so the hubs told me he would watch Grayson and let me go to Target alone! Yes, ALONE!! I think I spent two hours there... Really! It was no nice to be by myself for a little bit and just browse.

So, what did I see? Some really cute things!

 Then I found this perfect coffee table marked down from $159.99 to $45.99!
When I got it out of the box it was so beat up! Boo! It is now back at Target!
Then I went to Michaels and found these for Grayson...
Child sized oven mitts, pots and pans, chef's had, apron, and pot holder for $5.00!

Thanks so much to my husband for just, "Giving me a minute!"


  1. oh girlfriend! I am going to have to go shopping now! I want those kid size oven mitts bad! Haha, I want to get Gracie a kitchen for Christmas and these would be so cute monogrammed!

  2. Aw, the little pans and oven mitts are so cute!