Motherhood Confessions...

I haven't been the perfect mother but I do my best. I do what's right for our family. Here are my confessions of not being a perfect mother...

*I lock my car doors as soon as we get in the car. I am so scared someone will snatch Grayson out.

*Grayson eats food off of table tops.

*I want Grayson to be the prettiest, most well dressed child (shallow I know).

*I sometimes blow Grayson's paci off if it hits the floor.

*I never listened to any baby timeline on when to do things. (We ate solids early, drank milk early).

*I am paranoid about leaving Grayson with a male. There are a select few I would leave her with (I've seen to much Dr.Phil).

*We didn't start brushing Grayson's teeth when the first tooth came in.

*If I need to get something done, I put Yo Gabba Gabba on.

*We quit the bottle before her first birthday.

*She sleeps with a pillow and no night light.

*She used to ride in a shopping cart with a cover after I had lysol'ed the cart. Now she just rides in the cart.

I hope I haven't offended or terrified any of you!


  1. Haha! Love your confessions and relate to several of them! Just wait until you have another's amazing how laid back you can be, ha! :)

  2. This is funny, I love your confessions! I haven't used the shopping cart cover in forever. Actually I forgot about it until just now, ha!