The Journey of a Striped Dress…

{I am a dress type of woman! So much easier and comfier (is that a word-it is now)! I love the look of a dress. I love getting dressed up!}
I am really loving bold stripes and chevron at the moment (not together)! So, me being cheap, unless it comes to Grayson’s fabulous wardrobe, went looking on Ebay. I found some great finds and some duds. Want to see??
{The Great Finds}

{The Duds}
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{If any of the dresses pictured above are in your closet, I don’t feel bad for listing them- you should be fined!}
Have you found any great deals on dresses??


  1. Target has some great striped dresses on the cheap..bought several for Mallory and she looks adorbs in them..she goes to school like she is dressing for work!!

  2. love your fab finds! for the duds: is the last one for an adult? there are some that might be able to pull that off with some leggins? The middle one is very jamacian - perhaps one could get away with that during the olympics (though that's a stretch) As for the first dud - WOW! clemson colors - yuk, BUT if it were in garnet and black, chances are you would see it at an upcoming tailgate event. (Do clemson gals "dress" for games like the gamecocks do?) Too funny.