18 Weeks!

I can't believe I am already 18 weeks! I swear the second baby goes by SO fast! Poor baby, there are days I forget I am pregnant because I am so busy with Grayson! I love that it's going by so quickly so we can meet her soon but sad that this will be my last time being pregnant. Bitter sweet! So how am I doing?
1. It's still a girl! Ha!
2. At my 16 week appointment I had gained 3 pounds and now after having the stomache bug I am -1 pound pre-baby weight. Don't worry, I know it'll come back!
3. Cravings? Hmm, maybe sweet tea and milk. Can't think of much!
4. Movement, yes! Having done this once before I can feel her so much better this time around. She has had hiccups once. I can't wait for Drake and Grayson to feel her!
5. Her room has remained the guest room until today. We painted her room with pink and white stripes, LOVE! Pics to come!!
6. I feel great! I can not complain one bit. I sleep through the night, I feel wonderful, and am loving the second trimester!
7. So far I am loving finding the girls matching clothes!! Expensive but fun!!! I love knowing my life will be full or dresses, bows, monograms, Lilly, prom, weddings, and everything girly even if that means drama, bitchiness, hormones, periods, etc...
8. Knowing that this is our last time to be pregnant I am trying to enjoy it that much more. I LOVE knowing what will complete our family. I love knowing we have a Daddy and us girls! Makes my heart full! We will be complete when she joins us in June.

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  1. What a sweet post! I know you are having so much fun getting matching outfits for your girls! I can't wait to see pictures of the stripes in the nursery, we have friends who did pink and gray stripes on an accent wall for their baby girl due in March! I'm so glad your feeling better, have a great week!