Hunter’s {Nursery} Glimpse…

I have had SO much fun decorating for Hunter’s arrival. For those that don’t know Hunter Grace will be here June 27th! We are so excited. I think Grayson is the most excited. Here’s a glimpse into her  nursery. I am so fortunate to have had a lot of these items readily available and we didn’t have to buy much!!


This dresser was my mom’s that I refinished and added new hardware… Why yes, that’s a RAM! ha!! This was at my grandmother’s and I just LOVED it! I painted it hot pink and think it adds some modernality, except no one else really likes it but me! It will stay there until I can find something else to put in it’s place! Or I might just keep!


I just love the changing table. I bought this mirror from HL and painted and sanded it, much better! Her bows are a work in progress! Poor girl needs some help!!


I LOVE her bedding! Such a steal! My mom and I found it BRAND NEW at a thrift shop for $7. It came with no skirt, but ha, who can’t make that!!


Here are a few things I am {LOVING} in her room… The chair was my grandmothers (worn out and perfect), her monogrammed bonnet, the cutest shoes EVER, her fabulous lamp from Home Goods…



her beautiful monogram, a close up of the bedding…


her monogrammed boppy (I love that Grayson used it and I was able to monogram a new cover for her), my TB diaper bag to carry her things, and her fabulous woven basket to hold whatever Grayson decides to put in there.



And just because this makes me happy, the start to her wardrobe…


And just because… 27 weeks!


I couldn’t leave BIG SIS out.. So here is her room! Equally as FABULOUS!!

Here’s the view from her door. Can you tell I Iove pink and green?


This was my parents old furniture that I repainted. It definitely needs some touching up these days!!


Matching monograms…


The windows on either side of her bed… {Swoon}…


A little piece of bow heaven… Hunter will catch up!


Her book shelves was made by a family friend and I LOVE it more and more everyday!


I couldn’t leave Grayson’s closet out, now could I?


I am {SO} happy to be a GIRL MOM!! I hope the girls become best friends and share their secrets, trade clothes, and make great memories together.

13 more weeks!!!


  1. So cute!! I love it all- including the ram! Congrats on a lifetime of pink and green and monograms.


  2. I love everything about Hunter Grace's room! I adore the monogram bonnet and the ram ;) I can't believe you found such a fabulous deal on her bedding!! Everything is just perfect!

  3. That is an awesome deal on the bedding and the skirt you made is incredible! Loving everything else you have done in both of the girls rooms!

  4. Love all the pink & green! Such adorable rooms!

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