{Hunter Grace is HERE!}

**So I don't forget every detail**
On June 20th I was told to call the hospital at 5:30 am for my induction.
*I was induced a week early because my uncle would be the doctor on call the week of my due date and that would be awkward!
So anyways I called, total fail, they were too packed and would have to call me later when a bed became available, F-A-I-L! They ended up calling around 9:30 am and we were ready.
We got settled and changed around 10:30 and started the Pitocin ( I was 3 cm dilated).
No contractions had begun and I was still 3 cm around 1:00 pm so they broke my water to start labor. Everything started to pick up then. I was checked around 4:00 pm and was at 4 cm.
We recently had a hail storm and had been waiting on the adjuster to give us an estimate on my car. The only day she could come was today and all she had to do was give us some paperwork so Drake ran out to the car to meet her. I was only 4 cm right?!?
My besties Natalie and Alison came in to keep me company. We realized that my epidural didn't take all the way and I could feel the left side so they called for the anesthesiologist to come back in. Not two minutes later it was time to push. I started panicking telling the nurse and my besties that it was time, and I could feel it, and Drake wasn't there, and this BABY was coming!!
The nurses started yelling for the doctor and the anesthesiologist, Natalie was texting Drake telling him to run, and I'm trying to keep this baby from coming. Al and Nat got in place to help me start pushing because it was now or never!

After what seemed like forever the doctor and Drake both ran in, I got a shot of lidocaine to numb the left side and after about 2 minutes, Hunter was here at 5:18 pm.
Four hours of labor and two minutes of pushing was quick and worth it.
Because she came so quick she swallowed lots of fluid and is gagging lots now and having difficulty eating but we are getting better!!
We are so happy to be home!!


  1. CONGRATS!!!! You look amazing after having Hunter Grace (love that name!).

  2. Love the name too! Congrats! She is adorable ! Also loving Grayson's big sister dress! Where did you get it?

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