Monograms Galore!

People know that I LOVE monogrammed things! They always ask though...what all do you have?? it is...this doesn't include my clothing and jewelry! That would take too long! After seeing all together, I think it is a little embarrassing! Nah!! I STILL love it and will keep doing it! I got lucky with my new married name keeping my initials, fate? My next endeavors will be shower curtain and bedspread. Y'all, just before you ask, my house is not tacky! These things are not all on display in my house. They are used at different times. As I sit here writing other items keeping popping in my head that I have forgotten, so sorry! Well here it is...EEK!!!

1 comment:

  1. This is hilarious.. I am the same way. I've actually won some giveaways for monogram things and since I'm engaged to be married, I've been asking to get things with my new married initial so I already have a little collection :) haha. I love anything monogrammed!