Happy Father's Day!!!

This weekend Drake and I went to the big town of Jesup, Ga (ha!) to see his dad. It always seems like it takes so long to get there...wait! It does! 3 1/2 to 4 hours in the car with the husband and furbaby is a long time. It is so worth it though! We met Drake's dad's friend/girlfriend...don't know the title! She is so sweet and very pretty..Hey Nora! We also met her son Ray who is such a good kid! Perfect southern gentlemen. (A dying breed). It was a nice relaxing trip away from home that flew by way too fast! We just got back and am ready to relax in the a.c. I hate that I forgot my camera this weekend but I tried to input something.


I hope you have a WONDERFUL father's day! You mean so much to me! You are always there for me even when I call you three times a day-ha! You mean more to me than I could express! I am so proud of the women I have become because of you! You make me smile and I am honored to call you my dad!


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