Something to CELEBRATE!!!

I got word on Friday that I had been hired for the first grade position at Satchel Ford Elementary School!!! I am so excited to be going back to first grade in the same classroom, minus the smelly carpet hopefully. I love the people I work with and the children at the school. With the market like it is, I should be fortunate to have a job anywhere, none the less the PERFECT school. Drake told me if I got the job he would take me to Carrabba's, MY FAV!! (ha!) This was us last night...

I also promised myself that if I got the job then I could order a monogrammed ID Badge Reel for my School ID...So I did...Of course mine will be a "C". Haven't gotten it yet but I ordered this one. And yes, it is from

After dinner we went and met our goddaughter, Savannah. She is such a pretty baby. Most babies come out looking alienish (ha!) and not quite cute yet, but NOT Savannah! She is precious. She weighs 8lbs, 4oz. and loves her Aunt McKeever and Uncle Drake. She let me hold her for a good twenty minutes while I rocked her. Drake wouldn't hold her because he said he doesn't like holding other people's babies, especially that young. He reassured me though that when we have kids, he WILL hold them!

We are SO glad to have Savannah home! Yay!

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