3 Rants and Raves...

Today I have three things I need to rant and rave over...





I am so upset that Coy and I can no longer walk the dam. Why would I go by myself?? Not likely-ha! I mean, last time we were there, there was poo everywhere... We were the only people walking with plastic bags- your hands gets hot with them too! If people would have picked up after THEIR dogs, then it wouldn't have ruined it for everyone!! This is what is wrong with the world today!! There is always one person who can't do the right thing and ruins it for the rest of us! If you were one of the people who let their dogs poo on the dam you should be ashamed of yourself! If Coy and I get fat now from now doing our daily three walks a week there I am going to be highly upset! And no, I don't want to walk around the neighborhood-how boring...and no, I am not walking at Harbison State Forest. I watch too many Law & Order SVU's to go walk by myself in the woods. I am not becoming a statistic. I will just not walk anymore and eat Klondike bars! Hope those people who let their dogs poo on the dam are happy!

2. Has anyone seen this mascara?? I am almost out...I am serious...I might have one good make-up application left! I went to CVS and Target today and they both said they weren't selling it anymore! How could this be...After all these years we have spent together. This wand makes your lashes look so long.

I found this replacement for now, and we will have to see how well it works...

3. My neighbors... OMG! You would think we lived in a trailer park. They have a car covered with a tarp that has never moved. Get rid of it! That way you wouldn't have to park your car on the street or in the grass (don't get me started about that). The kids have a blow up swimming pool in the front yard- why not put it in the back? When they aren't using it, they put a tarp over that as well. I don't know if they got a deal on tarps at the flea market or what. Lastly, but the BEST, there is now a washer and dryer sitting in the front yard. Yes, the front yard. Do know, that I will be contacting the county tomorrow to complain. If we go to sell our house, I doubt it will sell with appliances as lawn decorations. Just a thought. I know you don't read this blog to hear my rant and rave, but I had to!! I'll let you know how it all goes..ha!

Sorry it's so dark, I had to sneak it!

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