Asheville, NC

This past weekend the husband, the furbaby and I took an unexpected trip to Asheville, NC. We drove up there Saturday morning and stayed the night. It is such a pretty place to visit not to mention my hair didn't frizz like it does in Columbia because you know what- NOT MUCH HUMIDITY...Wonderful I know!!

On the way...
My attempt of the mountains...

The husband's second cousin lives near by and is the cutest thing I have ever seen!! He is a BIG 4 years young and loved having us there! I don't think my lap was empty the entire time! We four-wheeled a lot and little man was dying to drive it himself...maybe in a few years.
Yes...I know, I am wearing pearls while four wheeling...

We celebrated Drake's Aunt Brenda's birthday. She looked so cute in all of her new clothes! Glad we were able to share this special day with her.

We headed out to the mall, family in tow, all 8 of us. Have you ever tried shopping with 8 people? Don't try this at home...Half the time we all just stood there not knowing where to go...but I did find the cutest necklace. I just love chunky necklaces...makes a great outfit even better!!

Little man loved the bungee thing in the mall.. Bad experience on one of these...remember Frankie?? Ahh...

We later went and had dinner and surprised the birthday girl with clapping, singing, and a saddle to eat her ice cream thanks to Aunt Mary and myself!! She was such a good sport about it and looked so cute!

Before we left that morning we posed for the paparazzi...Ha! The husband probably thinks so with all the pictures I make him take. I am merely documenting our memories...Ha!

The In-Laws!

We had a wonderful trip and really need to do it more often. It is such fun to hangout with family. We had so much fun not having do that much except four wheel and shop! And end to a perfect weekend! Hope y'all had a GREAT weekend!

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