Raleigh, N.C.

We had a great weekend in Raleigh, NC for the husband's work. We did lots of business while I played a little. I am so thankful to have the summers off so I can accompany the husband on his business ventures. We were at the NC Sheriff's Show. I kind of sit and chat while Drake works... PERFECT combo! It's nice to recognize people from the last show! There are two guys that I just love, they were lucky to be placed next to us again! (We were lucky too!) Craig and Boomer are two great guys that we have gotten to know. They are kinda like my dad, so sweet and genuine. I love cracking jokes with them.

Not sure who the guy on the left is??

While we had time to spare, the husband and I went shopping... Really just me, of course! I found the cutest necklace. I am on this chunky necklace kick! They can spruce up any outfit. I found this one for about $20.00 at Francesca's Collection. Google them...GREAT things! My new fave!

Have you ever seen a Super Target?? No? Me either! Well, it must have been my lucky day! Here I am in front. I thought it was going to be huge but it was only a little bigger than ours... It was a little let down until... I FOUND THIS TREASURE...

How cute is this?? Love the orange! Yes, I can still be a Carolina fan too! The husband said the color was hideous and wouldn't even touch it! Boys...sigh...

Doesn't the whole outfit come together so well? We had a wonderful weekend. We will be back tomorrow and I can't wait to see Coy!! Love ya!!


  1. When I was at Winthrop they opened a Super Target right outside of Ft Mill in like South Charlotte...people went nuts

  2. That is sooo funny that your husband didnt like your bag. I have a bag that my finace says looks like a circus tent!! lol He says he is embarrassed to be seen with my bag!! Who says he has any taste!! Thats why girls carry bags not guys!!! P.S. Love the new stuff!!!