Sunday Funday!

It's Sunday...if you know me that means, check The State website for the Celebration section. I religiously look online at all the weddings and engagements that took place this past weekend. Before I was married I used to read everyone through and see who was getting married before or after me. I always got P.O.'d at the weddings happening before me- BASTARD! I have since lightened up and look for people I know and see what they do for a living... I don't know why. I don't even care where they get married. I am not a big fan of the pictures with only a ring. If you are paying the money to put your announcement in the paper at least put a picture up. I don't click on those. Snooze you loose. The step mom is in favor of the ones that have the husband and wife posing together. Nah-who needs the husband?? The bride should have the whole picture for "that" dress! While we are talking about beautiful dresses
I am going to reminisce on our wedding... I LOVE my dress! Wish we could get married again so I could wear it one more time but marry the same man!

Thanks to Bella Vista!

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