Today is a good day!!

The second day of first grade was just as wonderful as the first! Yay!!! Loving it! I had so much fun...except I totally need to get back on my boring grandma sleep habit of going to bed around 8:30...I know....A girl needs her beauty rest though! Ha!!!! My sleep mask is calling my name! If you are giggling...go get one! I am serious! You will love it! The husband can't understand how anyone can sleep with something on their face but oh don't knock it until you try it! I am dying to have a monogrammed one! I know... I can't help it! Monogrammers Anonymous anyone??

The husband had a great day too! The little things that excite us! He had a doctor's appointment and we had a credit from the enocronologist! Yay!! No copay. Then he received his new phone. What a lovely wife to give up her upgrade for him! Ha!! Love the "crack"berry! Not getting rid of it! Then, he called into a radio station and answered the question correct and now we are headed to go see Alan Jackson Friday!! I am so excited. Especially to get to wear a cute dress with my cowboy boots!! Reminiscing the Hoedown throwdown!!
I hope ya'll have as wonderful a week as we are.

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