Great Minds Think Alike!

So I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Well, I over think everything but whatever. It is a busy time with preparing for my kids on Monday and meetings until then. So I thought today I would just share some things that are on my mind. No order, no subject, except my mind!

1. This thinking constantly is making me not sleep well. For the past few nights I have been up for about 2-3 hours a night wide awake. Not a good thing when I have to sit in wonderful meetings all day! Glad Kim, Emily, and Susan are there! Ha!

2. Vera Bradley monogamming. My dad's coworker just bought a monogram machine (pricey or I'd have one) and will do monogramming for $5.00 each item. I definitely need to take both of my Vera Bradley duffles and my apron. I am sure that I could think of other things as well.

3. I am loving these two dresses at Francesca's Collection and as soon as that first paycheck I will be getting them. Yay!

4. Please keep my friend and fellow Cobia Family reader Amanda and her family in our thoughts.

5. This 100 degree heat is killing me. I feel like I walk outside and the whole point of showering and putting my make-up on was pointless! Sigh... Gotta love the South!

6. I have my own mailbox at school! It is official. Totally forgot to take a pic. It's not cutsy or anything... but it is a box!

7. Got paired with my friend Lynn for "Get to Know Someone" today at school. I never realized how much we have in common. We were cracking each other up. And, the best part of all, she loves organizing almost as much as I do. I love meeting new people. Not just meeting them, like hey how are you. But really finding stuff out about them and what they are like!

8. I have the "Meet and Great the Teacher" Thursday night and I am so excited but anxious. Hope they like my cupcakes!

9. Lastly, if I wear a bluish/greenish shirt tomorrow, would I wear gold earrings with gold Jack Rogers or silver earrings with silver Jack Rogers? Help?? Fashion calls!!!!

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  1. I love those dresses! Another blogger blogged about Francesca's today too. I have never heard of that store before. I looked it up online today and there is one less than 15 minutes away from me! They have such cute stuff! I am def. going to have to go there!

    I would wear the gold earrings and shoes! For some reason I have been into gold lately!

    P.S. The heat is killing me too!