Glass Coffee Table + Iron = Stupidity by The Cobias

Most of you know that the husband started his own softball league...we are "El Diablo, 'It's like a fighting chicken.'" I have no idea about the name...something from Talladaga (sp?) Nights Movie. Anyways, crafty as I am...Ha! I decided to make shirts for our team. A. C. Moore had shirts on sale 5 for $10.00.

I got everything we needed and printed our team name and their numbers on fabric transfer paper. I cut them out and the husband started ironing them on shirts. He is so cute!! Well they weren't turning out perfect so, like a man, we decided to read the instruction..."Use a hard surface, not an ironing board to press down." wonder! What could we iron it on that isn't going to burn...?? (Thinking, and thinking, and thinking...) I told the husband why don't we try the glass coffee table. Y'all, I really thought that was a great idea, and the husband backed me up! I don't take credit for this alone.

So we moved to the coffee table and our shirts turned out wonderfully!! Thanks to my great thinking... That's why I went to college. Aren't they cute? If the team stinks at softball they could always use these shirts at a Mexican restaurant.

Of course what team doesn't have a mascot? Who else but our 1 month old goddaughter, Savannah! Look at that onesie!!

While admiring our great accomplishments we heard a, "POP!" I looked down and our coffee table had cracked from the heat... I guess that great idea wasn't so great after all... Sad day... Well I thought, I guess it could always be worse. But wait, it's my life, nothing is normal...

This is what it looked like this morning... I know...who woulda thunk it? Well guess it's time for a new coffee table. Those SB fellas better wear these shirts! Don't you let me catch them with out one on!

The table had cracked in half, SERIOUSLY, in half! So...moral from this lives fiascoes, don't iron ANYTHING on your glass coffee table. So glad I am able to screw up in my life so y'all can learn from me! That's what I am here for! Ha!

P.S. The husband I will be away this weekend so don't miss me too much!! See you all on Monday! Have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. I think you do not need a new table, you just replace the glass part with the board or the new glass. you will get a new glass coffee table. or get a table rustic style if you replace the glass with former board section.